10 Insane People Who Posted Shocking Things on Social Media

Violence is all around us. But before social media came around, many of us were blissfully ignorant of just how rampant it was. Here are some violent crimes that were posted on social media.


Bryce Williams
On august 26 2015, reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward were filming an interview for their morning program on WDBJ in Roanoke Virginia, when a fired employee named Bryce Williams open fire. Williams whose real name was Vester Flanagan, fired at least eight bullets at Parker and Ward killing them on live television. But Williams was also recording the murders from his point of view and proceeded to post the video on facebook and twitter. He was tracked down hours later, but died of complications stemming from a car pursuit.


Naomi Anderson
On July fifteenth 2011, twenty-three-year-old Naomi Anderson was found guilty of animal cruelty after she decapitated  a mouse with a steak knife and posted the video on facebook. What made the video even more gruesome was the fact that the mouse took nearly 40 seconds to die. Her punishment was a hundred and eighty hours of community service 18 months of probation and she was forced to keep away from animals for two years.




David Kalac
In November 2014, 33 year-old David Kalac posted photos of his dead girlfriend on the 4chan message boards. He confessed to murdering her in the post stating that strangling someone was harder to do in real life than in the movies. After being accused of faking the ordeal, Kalac told 4chan users to check the news that he wanted to share the pictures before the police came and arrested him .Kalac eventually surrendered to police and is potentially facing life in prison.


Larossi Abballa
Twenty-five-year-old Larossi Abballa was an Isis sympathizers in France who killed a cop and his girlfriend in their home in Magnanville. Abnalla broadcasted the killings on facebook live. the couple had a three-year-old son and Abballa talked to his viewers saying that he didn’t know what he wanted to do with the boy. Before he could do further harm, the SWAT team raided the home and killed Abballa and managed to rescue the toddler from the hostage situation.


Maxwell Marion Morton
In February of 2015, Maxwell Marion Morton shot his classmate Ryan Mangin in the face, killing him. Instead of calling the cops, Morton took a selfie with Megan’s body in the background and sent it to his friend on snapchat. His friend took a quick screenshot and showed it to police. Morton confessed to the crime and was charged with first-degree murder.

Kenneth Alan Amyx

Forty-five-year-old Kenneth Alan Amyx and his 43 year old girlfriend Jennifer Streit-Spears had apparently been discussing a suicide pact for months. They had agreed to stab each other to death in their texas home but Streit-Spears chickened out and Amex decided to go ahead and finish the job. After fatally stabbing her, he took a picture of her mutilated body and posted it to her Facebook page. It lingered on the social media site for 36 hours before it was removed.

Rashad Deihim & Kailyn Bonia
In September 2014 in Saugus, Massachusetts, twenty-one-year-old Rashad Deihim and twenty-year-old Kailyn Bonia kidnapped a sixteen-year-old girl, took her into the woods, and brutally assaulted her. There was a third person present who recorded the attack and distributed it on snapchat. One of the recipients was horrified to see the sixteen-year-old naked and passed out from intoxication and made sure to take screenshots to show police. The three participants were arrested and found guilty of assault with intent to rape, kidnapping, and battery.

Derek Medina
On August of 2013, Derek Medina shot and killed his wife and then posted a photo of her dead body on facebook. In the social media post, he confessed to killing his wife but then retracted a confession after talking with his lawyer. According to Medina, his wife was an avid drug user who abused her husband and worshipped the devil and Medina shot her in self-defense. He was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison.



Teenage Girls
In England, two girls aged 13 and 14, committed a brutal murder and then proudly sent photos on snapchat to their friends. The girls had befriended thirty-nine-year-old Angela Wrightson and then be and killed her with a television set coffee table and a shovel. They left Wrightson’s home at 11:00pm and returned a few hours later to finish the job and ensure that Wrightso was dead. After the deed was done, the girls called police and infinitely asked for a ride home. Once the snapchat images surfaced, the girls were found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison.



Brazilian Tweet
In May of 2016, a sixteen-year-old brazilian teen went over to her boyfriend’s house in Rio de Janeiro. At the time which was 1am the couple were alone. However she woke up hours later naked in a different house surrounded by 30 men some armed who had participated in raping her. Days later two of the attackers tweeted nude photos of her as well as a 40-second video from the horrific night. The police have managed to find a few of the men involved but a search is still ongoing for the rest of them.