The Meanest Things Kevin Garnett Ever Said



Recently the brain trust over a complex sports did a deep dive on Kevin Garnett’s incredible NBA career. And came out the other side with a collection of the meanest things the legendary trash talkers ever said. Really rolling your sleeves up and doing the important work guys. So in honor of the 15-time NBA all-stars recent retirement let’s take a walk down memory lane. Some of the nastiest most soul-crushing pull quotes from one of basketballs greatest living competitors.

We’ll start in 2009 with a face-to-face with fashion-forward sideline reporter Craig Sager when KG’s opinion push the chips a little bit too far in the middle of the table with his speech panting look. The March 2010 in a game against Andray Blatche the Wizards that ended with Washington on the wrong side of a 22-4 run afterwards Blatche was reportedly so torn up by his in-game clashes with Garnett but he had to hold back tears. Reserved for James singleton said “Garnett used his veteran senses to needle Blatche and get under his skin”. The Washington Post broke and speaking of Tears who can forget that teachable moment in 2008 when Garnett accosted big baby Davis for not playing hard enough even when you’re on Garnett’s team you can still catch some shrapnel. If you think KG turns off when he has an injury and you don’t know KG.



Well then you have the notorious story of when Garnett first met Joakim Noah who reportedly idolized Garnett growing up. KG promptly insulted the then Bulls rookie even after Noah told them that he had posters of KG on his wall. “He is a very mean guy” Noah said it in 2010 interview with ESPN “Where’s the love? none at all. Ugly too.” And to close, a quick medley of some Garnett’s rudest hits like his cancer patient jab Charlie Villanueva with that honey nut cheerios line reportedly dropped and Carmelo Anthony.