Record Console Gaming Without a Capture Card

So you want to record your gameplay by don’t have a capture card well you’re in luck because there is a way to do it.  It’s not the best that get right out of the bag and not the best way of doing it. But a lot of Youtubers to start off this way the main thing they want to be two best friends play indie games. They start off doing this method as well so your practice and I’ll post stuff here on how you start.  So the first thing you’re going to need is a video camera  I’ll have mine because I’m using to record this right now  you’re very camera set up a couple things that needs to have the ability to  record video In the video report audio.



Now if you want to go one step further check out to see if your video camera has in a mic in port and it would have a jack like a headphone. You can use that plug your audio into because nothing worse than crappy audio was innocent. Now this is some good audio the thing you need to capture that sound is this cable it’s a mini to RCA and I’m then of RCA cable, I have a barrel connector. Our state barrel connector now what you’re going to need to do is take your  component cables and you’re going to plug that into there and then you’re  going to take this end and plug it into your camera.

Another thing you know what this is you can’t use an HDMI cord to do it because audio goes through HDMI into the TV so you need to have like this thing.  Take that off three colors audio cables and this one is got PS3, Wii and Xbox on it.  You can buy those, wherever I don’t know another thing that will be really  helpful in this case is a tripod,  this is a really crappy tripod but a tripod on the less the track gives you  the ability to adjust it seeking center  everything has it’s not centered section. First thing you want to do is take the  camera and center it as best as possible  leaving some room around the screen to work it and once you think you got it  pretty good.  You want to slowly zoom in and see how it looks now you may notice that it looks a little crooked and in that case tilt and pan your tripod raise it until it looks pretty in the center.


It is going to take some playing take a lot of playing with until you get a perfect but it can be done perfect.  It can be just now once in your game you’re going to notice if you plugged in the audio jack that it’s blaring loud. So you can try setting it on your camera because like the nature of the game structure of TV you have to go into your settings on your game. You have to lower all your audio if you’re game doesn’t have this capability or pause and have a bad time. I know Halo 4  doesn’t have this capability and its really annoying the state at least  you’ll notice that it doesn’t look perfect but it is something you know, it’s a good way to practice because I personally don’t have a capture card  myself but using my DSLR camera.

I have the ability to practice and do this and I’ve got people to start  watching this defense with some pretty good but it’s again it’s not a  flawless thing and it is for practice  not a permanent solution to a problem.

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